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Milos is an island ideal for group activities.
Everyday departs from Adamas small excursion boats that make either the big island tour, lasting 9-10 hours or the brief tour, lasting six hours, stopping at several beaches for swimming and reach Kimolos for lunch.
In this way you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful beaches of Gerondas, Kleftiko, Gerakas and Theiorycheion.
From Pollonia there is a frequent ferry boat that goes to Kimolos, cave Papafranga and Glaronissia.
If someone misses "Kleftiko" for a dive is like as if not have gone to Milos.
This beach is accessible by the boats that make the tour of the island.
In a few days you can visit museums, beaches, spas, go to the other side of the island, the famous ancient theater, go scuba diving, Kano kayak,
hike the mountains in the protected area Natura 2000 and spend unforgettable time on this island of the Cyclades with it's amazing beaches, the catacombs of ancient times, and the mining museum were you can be informed about the extremely rare terrain of Milos.

Here are some recommendations from us:

  • Arkeuthos” is a field in a gorge of about 500 acres in size, with two waterfalls, in the center of the Natura 2000 area in Milos, in the region of Halakas (2,5 klm away from Emporios village).
    • A small part of it is an orchard, a vineyard and an old house and another one is a waste land with a small chapel where divine liturgies are held. The visitors of this natural park can admire cypresses, cedars, vermicelli (a kind of wild-cypress tree) and other species of rare flora, he or she can be informed of the Melian viper, see rare animals and walk on a indented 5km path.
  • Miloterranean Geo Experience addressed to visitors of Milos and Kimolos wishing to make contact with the multidimensional beauty and rare origin of Milos landscape.
    • Thoroughly mapped trails and elaborate guiding texts reveal the browser the unique geology and rich mining past and present and the particular natural environment, revealing a hitherto "hidden" Milos. Geologists, mineralogists, foresters, cartographers and historians have joined not only knowledge but also their experience to guide you in unprecedented aspects of this Cycladic landscape. Visit the website